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Michael J. Marino

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
— Peter Drucker


As a leader and advisor to leaders for more than three decades, I understand the unquestionable importance of creating a healthy, high-performance work culture to meet the challenges created by changing customer needs, government regulation, technological advances, and global market dynamics. 

I now work as a confidential advisor to Chief Executives and other senior leaders to help you 

Leaders set the tone for every organization, from Fortune 100 and 500 corporations to start-ups and non-profit organizations

•  Maximize their leadership effectiveness,

•  Foster a culture that creates a purposeful work experience for all employees,

•  Generate improved results by aligning culture with strategy and structure.

Using the most current, time-tested approaches to transforming organizations and delivering results, I’ve advised C-level executives on a range of culture initiatives, including scaling a culture as companies grow, building a globally united culture, integrating cultures following mergers and acquisitions, and unifying a fragmented organization.

I was one of the early pioneers in the field of organizational development and culture-shaping, and derive great pleasure in helping leaders think through and master the challenges of leadership, culture, and performance.


I've led culture-shaping businesses; managed P&Ls totaling in the hundreds of millions; oversaw teams of consultants and staff through senior leadership teams who delivered robust growth.

In my career, I've spearheaded the change management and international administration for North America and Pacific Rim billion-dollar conglomerates. I worked closely with Board Chairs to implement initiatives across a network of companies. I pioneered a combination of strategy, productivity improvement and organizational development. The company was acquired by CapGemini.

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    An engaging, straightforward relationship builder.

    Some people say I look like a good Hollywood-style mobster; I prefer people saying that I am a dynamic professional. What I can tell you, is that I've lead major business success throughout his own career, and I'm ready to share the processes that have helped me along the way.  

    A few highlights: 

    • Leader in pioneering culture-shaping industry.
    • Led strategic accounts in global and Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries, including transportation, retail, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and financial services. Participated in setting strategic direction for company.
    • Instrumental in growing company from $10 million to $40 million in consulting revenue.
    • Integrally involved in shaping purposeful, rewarding organizational culture at Senn Delaney.
    • Led FedEx engagement to imbue the PSP (People Service Product) leadership philosophy into what had grown into a global, 300,000-strong Fortune 500 company.
    • Following merger that created Glaxo Smith-Kline, led The Leadership Edge program to integrate the merged companies around a common set of values.
    • Advised New York Life’s CIO on transforming his business to effectively compete for software engineers / developers, among them Google, Amazon, and Facebook. 
    • Coached CEO of Indivior (maker of suboxone) to navigate taking the company public. 
    • Moved from Director of Marketing to CEO, leading creation of a patient-centric culture. 
    • Advised Loblaw’s management board in the creation and implementation of the B3 program: Better Me, Better We,Better Loblaw that led to improved performance and being named among Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures list in 2011.
    • Key member of team preparing company for acquisition, identifying the right strategic partner, and then negotiating with Heidrick & Struggles.




    RUTGERS UNIVERSITYExecutive Coaching Certificate, 2018 (ICF-certified)

    UNIVERSITY of VIRGINIA Curry School of Human Development
    Master of Counseling Education (MEd)
    Focus on Organizational Development & Change Management

    Master’s Project: “Integrated Team-Building Initiative for the GSA’s Federal Executive Center”

    New York UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Arts in History, concentration in American History

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    Pioneering the corporate culture movement, what drives MMA is a keen awareness of xxxxxxx and a passion for moving life forward with wisdom and a continuing commitment to integrity-driven best practices. 

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    President and CEO, Send Delaney

    EVP, Managing Partner
    Member, Executive Committee

    • Led Senn Delaney’s culture shaping business, managing P&L of $30 million overseeing large team of consultants and staff. Senior member of H&S leadership team.
    • Led culture shaping initiative for H&S following acquisition of Senn Delaney, facilitating the process for leadership to identify and embrace H&S’s Purpose, Vision and Values
    • Delivered robust sales pipeline anticipated to yield $xx million additional revenue.
    • Oversaw delivery of $40 million in culture-shaping consulting engagements.
    • Instrumental in new product development for the culture shaping business as well as integrated products for the Heidrick & Struggles enterprise.

    SUNKYOUNG (SK BRANDS) NYC                                      
    1990 – 1992 

    Chief Administrative Officer, America

    • Oversaw change management and administration for America region of South Korean billion-dollar conglomerate.
    • Worked closely with Chairman to implement Sunkyoung Management System (SKMS) across network of companies. 

    CHASE MANHATTAN BANK NYC and Asia                      
    1979 – 1990 

    VP, Manpower Planning and Development
    Chase Metropolitan Community Bank

    • ???

    Country Manager of Consumer Banking| Chase Thailand 

    • Built a team, developed strategic plans, and forged a culture that led to highly successful operations. 

    Director of Talent and ODAsia-Pacific Region

    • Managed staff planning and structure for 13 different countries.  
    • Developed strategic plans for Chase Consumer Banking in Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia
    • Helped establish, structure and staff up the brand-new Chase-AMP Bank of Australia.

    Organizational Development Consultant