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Mike Marino

On Career

"As an executive I’ve worked across many cultures, ethnic and organizational. I never imagined the depth and breadth of life experience that would come my way in my career. I am excited to share this with my clients and learn from them as well.

Mike Marino Backbend

On Leadership

"I believe in leaders pursuing health on many levels. Yoga has also taught me the power of alignment and humility in leading others. After 20+ years of yoga practice, my mindset grows more robust every year.

Mike Marino in waterfall

On Challenges

"In Costa Rica, the footing in water is more secure than on the trail so it’s better to walk up or down waterfalls. This challenges our assumptions. It’s one of many lessons I’ve taken away from being in new and challenging environments and situations.

Mike Marino Musician

On Discipline

"I've played music for most of my adult life. Music has taught me discipline and teamwork as well as a way to let myself truly be in the moment.

Mike Marino Mt. Everest

On Courage

"This was a lesson in courage I carry with me always. This shot of my wife and me is on top of Mt. Gokyo which is 18,500 feet – and that is Mt. Everest in the background.  This is the peak where I learned perseverance and commitment as I watched my wife navigate the last 1,000 feet of our climb.

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