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Career Highlights:


  • Instrumental in growing Senn Delaney consulting revenue from $10 million to $40 million annually.

  • Integrally involved in shaping purposeful, rewarding organizational culture at Senn Delaney.

  • Key member of team preparing Senn Delaney for acquisition, identifying the right strategic partner, and then negotiating with Heidrick & Struggles.

  • Coached CEO of Indivior (maker of suboxone) to navigate taking the company public. Helped move client from Director of Marketing to CEO, and supported his creation of a patient-centric culture.

  • Advised New York Life’s CIO on transforming his business to effectively compete for software engineers / developers, among them Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

  • Led FedEx engagement to imbue the PSP (People Service Product) leadership philosophy into what had grown into a global, 300,000-strong Fortune 500 company.

  • Following merger that created Glaxo Smith-Kline, led The Leadership Edge program to integrate the merged companies around a common set of values.

  • Advised Loblaw’s management board in the creation and implementation of the B3 program: Better Me, Better We, Better Loblaw that led to improved performance and being named among Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures list in 2011.

I’m Mike Marino. 


After being a CEO and advising them for more than three

decades, I now work as a confidential advisor to Chief

Executives and other senior leaders to help you set a path

to success.


Through my work, I’ve learned how important it is to create a

healthy, high-performance work culture in order to meet the challenges created by changing customer needs, government regulation, technological advances, and global market dynamics. And I understand the clear role leaders play in establishing such a culture.

I was an early pioneer in the field of organizational development and culture-shaping and have spent my career helping leaders think through and master the challenges of leadership, culture, and performance.

As a Partner in and then CEO of Senn Delaney*, I advised C-level executives on a range of culture initiatives. I led strategic accounts in global and Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries, including transportation, retail, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and financial services. 

Into all, I integrated my understanding of how culture works in concert with business strategy and operations to drive sustainable performance.Results followed: more satisfying work environments, higher employee engagement and retention, and greater revenue and profitability.

In addition to being a CEO, I’ve led significant businesses in senior roles, consistently delivering robust growth through collaboration and perseverance. Click here to see my resume.


I learned long ago that leaders need to have rich lives outside of work, and I walk my talk. I lead an Americana swing band known as the Howlers; am an active member of the yoga community; march in a Mardi Gras dance group, the Amelia Earhawt’s; and support the New Orleans Musicians Clinic that provides health care to musicians in that city.



*now a division of Heidrick & Struggles

Mike Marino
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