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“An organization’s culture is a function of the leader’s mindset.”

THE LEADER's mindset really matters

Once you become aware of your shadow, we will work on your mindset.

Mindset comes from core beliefs, most of which are unconscious. Mindset drives behavior so if you switch your mindset, you can discover and engage in behaviors that will generate the kind of shadow you want to cast. Behaviors are what people watch. Your behaviors will reinforce the culture and mindset you want people to adopt.

I worked with one leader who didn’t think her team was creative and wanted me to help her get them to be more creative. Then I heard her say “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.” That was the problem - she didn’t allow her team to be creative.

I suggested she change her mindset to “there is wisdom in my team” and be curious to find it. I let her determine the actions she would take, confident that she would take actions more in accordance with the new mindset.

Two weeks later, she reported that her team was brilliant, creative, and so wise. Her perception of the team shifted once her mindset shifted enough to allow her to let go of the limiting belief that she had to do it all herself.

I wasn’t surprised to hear later that her team’s performance and engagement improved. The culture had changed because the leader’s mindset changed.

Working with a coach can initiate a transformation in your mindset. Becoming conscious of your mindset gives you the ability to judge the risks and rewards of your behaviors, and choose behaviors that produce the outcomes you want.

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